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I have something to say about this toucan. This is one of the best looking toucan drawings I have ever seen, but there is one little mistake. You forgot to add the black tip of its beak, and you should make the feathers of the toucan a little darker. If you fix these mistakes, it will look much more...

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A guide to making fakemon. Also, Pokemon White ftw
I LOVE GEN V. All those fools saying it sucks are just that. FOOLS.
Yes, it does have some less than desirable pokemon...but every gen did. Yes...some of the english naming conventions are...odd. But WHATEVER. I haven't had so many pokemon in a single gen that I liked like this in a looooong time. I actually have never played a pokemon game without playing it in an emulator until now. Never once owned a portable gaming system until I bought a DS JUST to play White.
Just never really cared for portable gaming, I'd rather have my more powerful system on a bigger screen. Always figured just one game (pokemon) wasn't worth getting portable for. UNTIL NOW. NVLKNasaDJNLFF <3.
But anyway, I digress.
I get people asking me to help them with their pokemon in varying ways pretty regularly. And although I know for a fact there will be others in the future who stumble on my page after I post this, and thus will still ask...I figured I'd just throw it out there for the people already watching me
:iconprinny-dood:Prinny-Dood 12 43
Appointment by Winick-Lim Appointment :iconwinick-lim:Winick-Lim 105 10 Rest Time by Winick-Lim Rest Time :iconwinick-lim:Winick-Lim 359 42 Pokemon OC: Gupookie + Sharkutter by raymondthefrog Pokemon OC: Gupookie + Sharkutter :iconraymondthefrog:raymondthefrog 2 0 Chibi Spidey Baddies by raymondthefrog Chibi Spidey Baddies :iconraymondthefrog:raymondthefrog 4 2 Krookodile { Krokorok { Sandile by thazumi Krookodile { Krokorok { Sandile :iconthazumi:thazumi 663 95 Krookodile by Xous54 Krookodile :iconxous54:Xous54 984 77 Water Type fakemon Adopts (Closed) by Badthingteddy Water Type fakemon Adopts (Closed) :iconbadthingteddy:Badthingteddy 6 34 3 years ago... by Liizzieh-Koi 3 years ago... :iconliizzieh-koi:Liizzieh-Koi 49 17 Happy Tong by Heshette Happy Tong :iconheshette:Heshette 43 5 Jumping Happy by Heshette Jumping Happy :iconheshette:Heshette 23 3 Mind!Happy! by Heshette Mind!Happy! :iconheshette:Heshette 23 2 Husky ^^ by Heshette Husky ^^ :iconheshette:Heshette 12 2 Husky 2 by Heshette Husky 2 :iconheshette:Heshette 35 0 Husky 3 by Heshette Husky 3 :iconheshette:Heshette 23 7


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“Death is a natural part of life. Rejoice for those around you who transform into the Force. Mourn them do not. Miss them do not. Attachment leads to jealously. The shadow of greed, that is.” - Jedi Grand Master Yoda
We are five days away from the release of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Go rogue, design your flight helmet, and enlist in the Alliance to Restore the Republic.
Only a week until Rogue One: A Star Wars Story! Time for us to save the dream.
Can you believe it's less than a month until the release of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story?
I just saw the final trailer for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. You all probably know what my opinion is, so I will ask you instead. What did you think of this trailer?
1. What is your birth name? What name do you use?
Cameron. Even though that's what I prefer to be referred to as in public, I don't mind when people shorten it to "Cam".
2. Do you have a nickname? What is it, and where did you get it?
"Campai" (by my friends)
3. What do you look like? (Include height, hair, eyes, skin, apparent age, and distinguishing features)
Six feet in height, brown hair, green eyes, and light skin.
4. How do you dress most of the time?
Long-sleeve T-shirt and sweat pants
5. How do you "dress up?"
A plaid golf shirt and khakis.
6. How do you "dress down?"
What now?
7. What do you wear when you go to sleep?
Whatever I wear in the day
8. Do you wear any jewelry?
9. In your opinion, what is your best feature?
My stature.
10. What's your real birth date?
August 18.
11. Where do you live? Describe it: Is it messy, neat, avant-garde, sparse, etc.?
I live in a quiet bedroom on the top floor of my Florida home.
12. Do you own a car? Describe it.
13. What is your most prized mundane possession? Why do you value it so much?
My Darth Vader key.
14. What one word best describes you?

Familial Questions

1. What was your family like?
Peaceful for the most part.
2. Who was your father, and what was he like?
My father is a protective, sociable man.
3. Who was your mother, and what was she like?
My mother is very smart, and even after two decades, she still puts up with family turmoil.
4. What was your parents marriage like? Were they married? Did they remain married?
My mother and father have been married since 1992.
5. What were your siblings names? What were they like?
6. What's the worst thing one of your siblings ever did to you? What's the worst thing you've done to one of your siblings?
Skipping again.
7. When's the last time you saw any member of your family? Where are they now?
Skipping for the third time.
8. Did you ever meet any other family members? Who were they? What did you think of them?
Too many to count.

Childhood Questions

1. What is your first memory?
Going to Walt Disney World for the very first time.
2. It is common for one's view of authority to develop in their adolescent years. What is your view of authority, and what event most affected it?
Skipping for the fourth time.
3. What were/are you like in high school? What "cliché" did/do you best fit in with?
Some people interpreted me as a blend of a nerd and a jock, but I see myself as neither (well, not exactly).
4. What were/are your high school goals?
Graduate and go to a good college.
5. Who was/is your idol when you were growing up? 
Walt Disney
6. What is your favorite memory from adolescence?
Going to Sony Wonder Labs in Times Square.
7. What is your worst memory from adolescence?
Hearing about the death of my own grandfather as soon as I woke up one morning.

Occupational Questions

1. Do you have a job? What is it? Do you like it? If no job, where does your money come from?
Do I really have to say it?
2. What is your boss or employer like? If a Student what are your teachers like?
My teachers have been very helpful over the years.
3. What are your co-workers or fellow students like? Do you get along with them? Any in particular? 
It heavily depends. Some students I do not get along with all too well, but others, they're quite a charm to be around.  
4. What is something you had to learn that you hated?
Uh...algebra, I guess.
5. Do you tend to save or spend your money? Why?
Save if I want something for my birthday, spend if it's a necessity.

Likes & Dislikes Questions

1. What hobbies do you have?
Drawing and writing.
2. Who is your closest friend? Describe them and how you relate to them.
My lovely girlfriend, who has previously been a platonic friend for over 4 years.
3. Who is your worst enemy? Describe them and why you don't get along.
I don't really have an enemy, just people that piss me off sometimes.
4. What bands do you like? Do you even pay attention?
Mainly older rock.
5. What tape or CD hasn't left your player since your purchased it? Why?
I use neither tapes nor CDs.
6. What song is "your song?" Why?
Fuck it. I'm going to leave any ambiguous question blank from this point on.
7. What's been your favorite movie of all time?
The Empire Strikes Back.
8. Read any good books? What were they?
The Count of Monte Cristo.
9. What do you watch on the television?
Family Guy, Robot Chicken, Star Wars Rebels, Arrow, The Flash, and Supergirl.
10. When it comes to mundane politics, do you care? If so, which way do you tend to vote? If not, why don't you care?
11. What type of places do you hang out in when you are on your own?
My bedroom and on the balcony.
12. What type of places do you hang out in with your friends?
Many different restaurants.
13. What annoys you more than anything else?
When people give human names to their pets. (i.e., a cat named Steve)
14. What would be the perfect gift for you?
15. What's the most beautiful thing you've ever seen?
The sunset across the Gulf of Mexico.
16. What time of day is your favorite?
8-9 PM
17. What kind of weather is your favorite?
Weather that's average i.e. I can wear whatever and not be too hot or too cold
18. What is your favorite food? What is your least favorite food?
I have way too many favorites (steak, buffalo wings, etc). And I have some of my least favorites, such as chicken marsala.
19. What is your favorite drink? (Coffee, Coke, Juice, Beer, Wine, etc.)
I have quite a few favorites, including Coca-Cola Zero, fruit punch Vitamin Water (revive), and milk.
20. What's your favorite Pokémon? Why?
You're killing me with these overwhelming questions. ;_;
21. Do you have any pets? Do you want any pets? What kind?
I had a bearded dragon who died last summer.
22. What do you find most relaxing? (Not as in stress relief, but as something that actually calms you down.)
Drawing or meditation.
23. What habit that others have annoys you most?
People who misuse the words "apparently", "cancer", "cringe", "decimate", "presently", etc.
24. What kind of things embarrass you? Why?
Old photos of myself, my old drawings, etc.
25. What don't you like about yourself?
My past demeanor.
26. How would you like to look?

Morality Questions

1. What one act in your past are you most ashamed of? What one act in your past are you most proud of?
I stopped a long period infighting between my friends on Skype and deviantART.
2. Have you ever been in an argument before? Over what, with who, and who won?
Again, too many to count.
3. Have you ever been in a physical fight before? Over what, with who, and who won?
5. What trait do you find most admirable, and how often do you find it?
6. What's the worst thing that can be done to another person? Why?
Rape. It is one of the most scarring things that could ever happen to anyone. More so than death.
7. Are you a better leader or follower? Why do you think that?
I'm more of a leader than a follower, considering that when I am a follower in certain predicaments, I sometimes get confused whenever there's conflict within my group.
8. What is your responsibility to the world, if any? Why do you think that?
I'm honestly not sure about that.
9. Is it okay for you to cry? When was the last time you cried?
When isn't it okay to cry? The last time I cried was when I listened to a speech by Marc Mero about his deceased mother on Facebook.
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